Steven Hoskin was tortured for months and then finally murdered by five thugs who could walk free from court!

In a crime which mirrors the murder of David Atherton, Steven Hoskin, an illiterate man who had the IQ of a six year old child, was beaten, abused, humiliated, tortured and finally killed by five thugs who may not even be sent to jail!

And even though he had no conviction or charge against him, the vulnerable and defenceless man was forced to confess to being a paedophile, although it is doubtful whether he would have even understood what the term meant, burnt with cigarettes, punched and kicked, had objects thrown at him and was dragged around his own flat by a dog collar and lead. (Steven Hoskin - source)

The ringleaders were Darren Stewart and his girlfriend (who cannot be named for legal reasons), who dominated and bullied Steven Hoskin after moving into his flat.

On the night of his murder, Stewart, his girlfriend, and Martin Pollard and two other teenage boys (who also cannot be named for legal reasons!), subjected him to hours of torture before Pollard and the two teenage boys left.

After they left Stewart and his girlfriend forced Steven Hoskin to eat 70 Paracetamol tablets, which on its own would have resulted in an agonising death by causing massive liver damage, but when Martin Pollard returned the three hatched a plan to murder the already ill man.

They took the vulnerable and beaten man, who was terrified of heights, but whose will had been broken by the months of abuse he had already endured at their hands, to the top of a local viaduct where they bullied and forced him to fall to his death.

The ringleaders, Darren Stewart, his girlfriend and Martin Pollard, all deny murder but have pleaded guilty to ABH and Stewart and Pollard have pleaded guilty to a charge of false imprisonment.

Two teenage boys deny ABH, all three teenagers deny false imprisonment and Stewart also denies one charge of intimidating a witness.

Once again feral scum torture and murder a defenceless man, and it is certain that more people like Steven Hoskin will suffer and die in helpless terror until the law decides that the scum who commit these crimes will pay in full!


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14 Jun 2007
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